Scott Heldt, candidate for Iowa House District 20, is a hardworking, pragmatic progressive that will take on our toughest challenges to Secure Iowa’s Future.

Heldt grew up in Perry, Iowa with parents who taught him the value of hard work at a very young age. Starting at the age of 14, he baled hay, detasseled corn, worked as lifeguard at the local pool, and took out groceries, all while participating in numerous extracurricular activities at Perry High School. These experiences helped Heldt to learn the strength of building relationships throughout the community.

Heldt attended the University of Iowa where he graduated with a degree in Public Policy & Ethics and with a certificate in Business Entrepreneurship. At Iowa, he worked for the City of North Liberty as a before-and-after school counselor. He gained his spirit of activism from this experience realizing he could have a greater impact on the community around him. Heldt began volunteering for the Iowa Renewable Energy Association promoting renewable energy initiatives across the state, where he served on the board of directors until 2014.

After graduating at the University of Iowa, he worked as an organizer for the Iowa Democratic Party, and then as a legislative aide in the Iowa House. During his time working both of these jobs, he was able to see the inefficiencies of our government as well as the frustration with this gridlock from voters in his home state.

Heldt hopes that his involvement in the political process will inspire other young people to become active and assure that their voices can make a difference. He has seen first-hand both the frustration of voters with our elected officials, as well as the gridlock in our state’ s capitol. As a Representative, he hopes to bring a fresh perspective to the issues. He vows to: restore our educational excellence, save our water quality, and secure well-paying jobs for all Iowans.