Scott Heldt Believes in Improving Health Access

Restricted access to cannabidiol, mental health closures across the State, and the privatization of Medicaid are all realities preventing Iowans from improving their quality of life.

I have seen firsthand and have now heard countless stories of the lengths families will go to access cannabidiol for their children, spouses, relatives, and friends. Improving and expanding access to a resource that we already legalized means children with epilepsy have hope and countless families have the freedom to ease their pain and suffering.

The state could further reduce pain and suffering by increasing access to mental health facilities. Mental health access in Iowa continues to be treated like a luxury item, with 2 major state facilities closing just this year, when, in fact, it is vital to our quality of life.  Given mental health awareness has become more prevalent, we need to ensure sufficient resources are available for those who need it most. 

Restriction of healthcare programs has also expanded to Medicaid, with privatization being mentioned as a solution to rising healthcare costs. Let me make this clear: Because it hands over control to for-profit corporations, privatization will restrict access to care.  Instead of privatization, we can begin discussing funding concerns over Medicaid by addressing inefficiencies with in the program—ensuring that the program will be sustained in its current state for many years to come.