Scott Heldt Believes in Restoring Our Foundation in Education

I believe that a quality education is the greatest equalizer. Unfortunately, over the past 6 years we have seen our Governor and the House Majority shortchange our children. Our government should not be limiting resources for our schools; they should be investing in the future of our state and creating more opportunities for our children to live a better life.

Outdated textbooks, fewer educators, school consolidation, and longer trips on the bus should not be accepted. In order for our State to compete with the rest of the world we have to make sure our children have more pathways to success than we had growing up, and we’re not currently on track to accomplish that.

We cannot continue to craft education legislation like we did forty years ago. Our children need innovation and technology in the classroom in order to compete and level the playing field for post-graduate life.

We have seen the results of investing in a quality education before, it is time to take action and put our children and schools first. The key to keeping Iowa strong is the freedom for our children to choose their own future.