Scott Heldt Supports Fair Wages and Creating Iowa Jobs

Equal pay for equal work deserves more than just lip service. Iowa’s economy thrives when our women are given a fair chance to succeed. We need to eliminate the gender-wage gap in this State once and for all. This will require enforcing equal pay legislation, promoting and investing in female business leaders, and sponsoring pre-school and daycare programs for working mothers.

Iowa has become a leader in renewable energy with almost 30% of our energy coming from wind. We should continue to invest in this moneymaker for our State. Renewable fuels can not only produce many well-paying jobs for Iowans, but can drastically reduce energy costs, putting more money into our hands and back into the economy.  I support expanding opportunities for Iowans to invest in alternative energy sources for their homes, companies, and otherwise to strengthen our local economy and keep Iowa competitive in the jobs sector.